Try Touch Services, Inc. is a minority business woman owned and is a trusted provider of biomedical engineering services that are geared towards helping healthcare facilities improve in many aspects of utilizing machinery and technology.

Our services include professional biomedical engineering services, clinical engineering solutions, and medical and laboratory equipment maintenance. We are currently serving several healthcare providers including Cedars-Sinai Health System (CSHS).


During the initial COVID-19 surge in Los Angeles, we provided ramp up for the Los Angeles Surge Hospital in Downtown LA in an unprecedented time of three weeks and continued to staff the Surge Hospital after its opening.

Furthermore, our services are specifically designed to address various needs that concern hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, clinics, physical therapy, ambulance providers, fire departments, veterinary offices, and more.

As a biomedical services company, we here at Try Touch Services, Inc. promise to provide you with excellent customer service by ensuring we are flexible to fit in your busy work schedules and readily available to respond to your service calls 24/7.

  • Honesty
    We make sure to inform our clients about their choices so that they can make fine decisions in purchasing medical equipment and availing of our services.
  • Innovation
    We are dedicated to continuously deliver our expertise in providing innovative solutions to help our clients improve their operations.
  • Cooperation
    We will work closely with our clients and their employees to ensure that they are making the most of their DME investment.

We at Try Touch Services, Inc. strive to help healthcare providers meet the state and federal healthcare standards, reduce their expenses, ensure patient safety, as well as improve the safety, efficiency, and accuracy of the operations in their healthcare facilities by providing an array of biomedical engineering services.

If you wish to know more about us and our services, please don’t hesitate to reach us.