Try Touch Services, Inc. provides biomedical equipment repair, safety inspection, calibration, planned maintenance (PM) service, communication equipment maintenance, and Consumables/Accessories to meet your organizational needs more effectively. We are driven to serve with the reassurance to patient safety, top-quality work, and cost savings.

We provide expert assistance from biomedical equipment services to cabling, plant engineering operations, maintenance facility services, to healthcare technology management.

We have serviced Hospitals and Organizations over the past 30 years.

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Our technicians (with a combined 40+ years of experience) are trained on COVID-19 infectious disease protocols and have licensed training on ventilators, electrical safety, infusion pumps, drug library management, network configuration, surgical equipment, and more. We actively participate with the CMIA, BICSI, CSHE, and AAMI healthcare organizations to stay current on biomedical technologies. Our services are in compliance with all regulatory institutions and are ISO 9001:2015 certified.